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About the 'Labs'

Hi, I'm Mitch and this is my business. I've been starting technology-powered companies for over twenty years now, and offer my experience and expertise to companies and entrepreneurs that will take that knowledge to their advantage.

You can hire me for a day, or a week, or blocks of days/weeks/months depending on the kind of engagement.

Keywords: devops, web development, infrastructure, cloud computing, systems administration, instruction, node.js, mongodb, redis, python, php, joomla, mysql, nginx, aws, gcloud, loopback, angular.js,, redmine, golang.

Joomla! Evaluation Service

For a fixed fee of $1,000 I'm offering a day to come in and assess your Joomla! website, from the basic configuration all the way down to network topology and core infrastructure. While I am at it I will make any approved modifications, and provide a report outlining what needs to be done in the future.

This is a remote service, and can be performed entirely online. Contact me for details.

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What I do

I can help you organize your development teams, research and select infrastructure, define your systems architecture, evaluate and recommend emerging tools, and optimise your development workflow. I currently produce training videos as well as live training sessions, and I am an active international speaker.

I also have a strong background in open source technologies, as well as digital marketing, brand strategy and interface design.

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Feel free to email me to request some time, get a quote for services, or to just say hello!